A set of 2 English Chestnut Floating Shelves, Hanging shelf


Is your wall feeling empty? Add a finishing touch to your rustic wall decor with these hanging wall shelves. Our wall hanging shelf is a perfect way to display your pictures, candles, plants and succulents, books, toiletries and other little decor accents and accessories!  A versatile boho wall decor, use these hanging floating shelves wherever and however you want in your home; adding a warm and charming touch to your space.


Comes in a SET OF TWO pieces

Made of 100% HIGH QUALITY  Wood

Overall height (from hoop to shelf): 22″ height

Swing Shelf dimensions: Length: 17″ | Width: 5.5″ | Thickness : 0.75″

Cord length is adjustable to your preferred height.


Please note:

Every piece is different with grain and its own uniqueness due to its handmade nature, so color will vary slightly.